Thursday, December 19, 2013

With Christmas literally less than a week away and one last shopping weekend between then and now, I thought I would share some little things on my wish list for last minute ideas.  I've never been good at making lists and I especially hate asking for things for myself but I figure, why not?

Up first, the Nike Free 3 Women's running shoe.  Back in August, I started running again and I did it consistently so I was pretty proud of myself but I started to realize that using my old running shoes was probably not the best idea.  I haven't been running since because I've put off buying new shoes for a while so it's definitely time for an upgrade.  Plus, they're pink!

Up next, drink ware.  I love it so but haven't had it on my wish list at all this year because Michael and I haven't found a place of our own yet so any "house" needs had been put on hold.  But I just love these acrylic glasses! They're so perfect for wine during the summer days, something I'm constantly dream about during this cold winter in New York.

Though I've already kind of received the handbag I most wanted for Christmas as an early present, I had to give a shout out to this beautiful Cuyana Bag.  I could never wear it during the winter in New York because of the rain and snow and anything else that could ruin the beautiful leather but it's definitely the ultimate summer bag and has been on my wish list forever.

First wine glasses and now coffee mugs, I think I have my vices covered!  But seriously, I've always loved Anthropologie's Monogrammed Mugs for two reasons: a) I love anything with my initials on it and b) it holds coffee.  But now I have to add c) it's gold.  And those are the only reasons I could ever need.

Karen A.


  1. those wine glasses are so festive!
    and that bag is absolutely beautiful.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. I just got those wine glasses for my cousin and love them! Love the color of those running shoes!

  3. Those monogrammed mugs are just the cutest things ever! Happy Holidays xo

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